the new neighbour knocked on our door… :/

Posted: April 04, 2013 03:32 PM


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Hi SBdee here,
Our new neighbour came around to our house about 3 months after they moved in. I was a bit worried incase he was coming round because he could hear me playing :?
My mum answered the door and I heard him say, I heard drumming, who is the drummer in the house!? I was getting ready to creep upstairs and hide, when I heard him say, well my son is a drummer, and when we moved house all this (produces a huge bag) was left, with a note saying do what you want with it Dad.
Anyway it turned out to be about 40 copies of a drumming mag, along with around 60 cd’s and cd roms of lessons, techniques rudiments you name it!
I was so relieved! a couple of weeks later his son came home from uni, and he invited me round to see, and play his kit, it is a vintage premier one, it was cool, and I don’t feel bad playing, because I know he doesn’t mind!


12 year old drummer girl.