Different Instruments?

Posted: January 06, 2011 10:31 AM


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Do any of you guys play other instruments? I’ll start by saying I learned to play piano before i started playing drums. I learned to play guitar, and am self-teaching myself to play harmonica! :D I also play a litt e bit of bass but nothing serious.
I love to use Fender guitars and Orange amps. Though I don’t own any (yet.) I usually play Billy Joel when I sit at the piano, or just make up covers for songs by the Beatles, Nirvana, or Smashing Pumpkins. My family’s also a big fan of musical theatre so sometimes you’ll find me jamming to Little Shop Of Horrors, or even Sweeney Todd. wink

What random hobbies do you guys have?

Posted: July 21, 2011 06:43 PM


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I love Little Shop Of Horrors!
I play everything percussion, but nothing else. I think I might take some piano lessons just for fun.


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Posted: July 25, 2011 08:49 PM


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i play all kind of stuff. piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, violin, and obviously drums. i play at some open mic places with a guy i know. we play classic soft rock stuff like america and tom Petty and stuff like that. and sometimes i play with this other kid who plays billy joel and beatles and elton john stuff. just real fun easy music.
as far as hobbies im a civil war re-enactor and i skateboard a little bit lol


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