Amazing book by Joey Kramer!

Posted: May 03, 2013 09:28 AM


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Although it came out in 2009, I just heard about Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer’s autobio for the 1st time a week ago. Wow-it is personal, revealing, & gut honest! Aerosmith has never been a band that was on my top 10, or that I followed closley. I own their essential recordings, but that’s it. As a drummer, I’ve always liked him, but really never followed him like I do Peart, Portnoy, Carey, Steve Smith, etc. I really found it amazing that after all of the hell the man has been through w/ abuse, abusing, alcoholism, herion addiction, Anxieity, depression, etc. he’s come out on top again. I really suggest that any drummer read this if you’re interested in the goings on in the life of a drummer that’s been @ the top, rock bottom & now back @ the top again! BTW, I have ALWAYS loved Joey’s white powder-coated DW pedals/hdwr. Kudos to “DRUM!” for the focous on Kramer’s 2009 ‘Orange Reptile’ DW Collector’s Maple Kit (issue#202, April 2013)! Donn Bennett wrote a niece piece for the ‘Time Capsule’ column.  Donn Bennett’s collection also includes Joey Kramer’s 1997 ‘9 Lives’ tour DW CoolAid Collector’s Maple Kit, as well!  The DW CoolAid FinishPly is another Satin Flame finish, like the orange snakeskin FinishPly. That was the last album/tour that Joey used 3 rack toms. It’s on sale for $17,000. IF ONLY…you get the complete set of white DW pedals/hdwr., & his set of Zildjians, too.