Tuesday Night, 11:18

Posted: January 12, 2011 12:38 AM

Andy Doerschuk_1

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Phil and I made great time driving down to L.A., so we took a detour past Best Buy to pick up a Virgin Broadband2Go wireless modem (which appears to be working nicely) and enjoyed a short refresher at Starbucks, where we prattled on about Leadbelly and Alan Lomax, among others.

Then we dropped by our national distributor, Rider, whose headquarters is in Glendale, for a very illuminating hour-and-a-half meeting where we saw some incredible sales numbers for recent issues of DRUM! We’re kicking ass on the newsstand.

Afterward, we crawled down I5 south until we inched onto the Katella exit and made a mad dash to our hotel a block from the convention center. We grabbed some dinner at a new brewpub next door (meatloaf for me, LIVER for Phil) and talked about the percussion company Rhythm Tech, which inspired us to call our friend, Rhythm Tech owner Richard Taninbaum, to see if he wanted to get together for a quick drink. However, predictably, after a long day and big dinner, we were ready to call it a night, and called Richard back to reschedule for tomorrow night.

We’re looking at a busy day tomorrow — a morning visit to our fulfillment house in Escondido; a mere spitting distance from San Diego. These are the guys who fulfill DRUM! subscription orders that are placed on drummagazine.com and from response cards bound into the magazine. Then Phil and I will rendezvous with DRUM! staffers Eric Frank and Cookie Williams at the Anaheim Convention Center to check out the final phase of our booth setup.

I also plan to scout around the convention tomorrow afternoon and shoot some clandestine pre-show video. I thought it might be cool for you to see what the show looks like before the doors open, while companies erect enormous booths and forklifts prowl aisles filled with packing materials and crates — the sheer chaos of it all is alluring.

Perhaps we might get some early glimpses of new gear even before the show officially opens. Be sure to check drummagazine.com tomorrow (Wednesday) night to check out the raw material.



Andy Doerschuk
Editorial director, drummagazine.com