“DRUM!” Magazine’s GREAT new monthly column.

Posted: June 28, 2013 01:43 PM


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Hi everyone! I sincerely apologize for not having been on the Forum for a few. Life has been a quite stressful as of late-but the great news is that all the negativity seems to be diffusing!
  I want to address how thrilled I am at the new monthly article in “DRUM!”. ‘Time Capsule’, by drum collector/shop owner Don Bennett. It 1st appeared in Issue 201, & only 5 issues later I can say that each & every piece had me as thrilled as a kid on Christmas Day. In a drumshell, Don writes about famous drums & kits that he has amassed over a long collecting journey! Speaking of ‘Journey’, last month’s put a smile on my face from ear to ear. The Steve Smith “Frontiers” snare drum that was customized just for him. That particular album has MY fave Journey track; ‘Seperate Ways (World’s Apart)’. & to read about & see up-close photos of the drum used was a treat beyond anything expected!
  Joey Kramer has not only been a favorite drummer over the last 2 decades, but I’ve always been obsessed w/ his white powder-coated hardware. I’ve even spoken to John Good about it a few times. Well, Issue 202 had his last DW Kit featured in ‘Time Capsule’!!! The “Orange Reptile” in all of it’s white hardware glory!
  4 words…I adore Hal Blaine! I own his autobiography, & a good percentage of his IMMENSE body of work. Issue 204 featured his Timbale Kit!
Thank you to the entire editorial staff (& of course Andy) at “DRUM!” for such a wonderful addition to what is already a truly great publication for drummers & percussionists! I didn’t need another reason to anticipate “DRUM!” every month, but I received ( a HUGE) 1 anyway!
Brian Jezuit
P.S.= I had forgotten that I had put up a similar post to this effect. I am human, after all. However, in this 2nd posting re: the same topic, I was able to write a few points that didn’t get accross the 1st time. Apologies to anyone that might be annoyed at this!