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Apologize if this is addressed elsewhere- but it would be neat to have a spot for questions about injuries related to drumming… do we have a resident drumming doctor? Yes, I’m getting older and have an interest in drumming as long as possible, so treating injuries or being informed of preventive measures would be great! Just recently I had (for only the 2nd time) what I call a ‘thumb lockup’... My left which supports and controls the articulation just wanted to pull inward to the palm. I play quite hard and it was near the end of last set (of course we’re gettin LOUD!!!) I changed grips but still felt like at any moment the stick would fly into the back of the bass players head… (maybe not a BAD thing…) but worried me. I soaked in ice water right after the set and all was fine but don’t want another repeat.  I have had other injuries like ankle twist, ‘jelly knee’ and sore tendons in wrists in the past and just wondered if there was an interest with others regarding this. Just want to stay fit and fast! Thanks!!

Posted: February 22, 2011 04:56 PM

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Interesting — we just posted an article about a condition that sounds very similar to yours. Here’s a link:

If this doesn’t sound like your problem, you can write to the author, Luga Podesta MD, a doctor who specializes in sports injuries in L.A. His email address is


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