For drummers who want to learn to read music and work on their fundamentals

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If you’re a beginner on the drums and you’re looking for some help with strategies on how to practice effectively, as well as how to apply what you learn to music, Please consider taking a look at my interactive ebook Time-Keepers available in iBooks. Loaded with over 30 HD play-along videos!! Time-Keepers is designed to teach someone from the very beginning.  No musical experience whatsoever is required. 
Click here for a FREE sample including 4 HD videos!. Available for all iBooks enabled iOS devices.
Learn how to:
• Play the drums with good technique and confident timing
• Develop a musical vocabulary of grooves and fills
• Listen to music you like and learn from it
• Read musical notation from exercises to entire songs
• Improvise creatively and with confidence

Pro Drummer acclaim for Time-Keepers:

“I am 100% behind Time-Keepers. It focuses on subject matter that is paramount to those wishing to advance not only as a drummer, but more importantly as a musician. Much respect.”
- Chuck Keeping (Big Wreck/Suzie McNeil)

“This is a great book! Meat & Potatoes. All killer, no filler. It’s the book that every beginning student should have. Thanks Kevin, for giving students what they want and teachers an easy and concise way to give it to ‘em.”
- John M. Wicks (Fitz & The Tantrums, Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green)

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