Awesome & very educational drumming instructional/educational videos

Posted: June 03, 2014 09:20 AM


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Hi everyone!
  Ever since I started drumming, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the drum instructional video.  Not for the education per say (although I learned a ton from all of the DVDs that I’ve amassed in my own collection), but for the sheer excitement of watching my favorite drummers play & instruct. Last year, not too many issues ago, “DRUM! Magazine” featured an article that taught us the genesis of the drum video, starting w/ Gadd’s “Up Close”. How Paul Seigal & Rob Wallis then formed DCI & how that led to Hudson Music (as well as all of the other Video Companies that followed suit). So no history lesson needed.
  I’m very interested in what my fellow “Drummies” favorite drum videos are. What ones helped & taught you the most? Or what ones were just darn fun to watch because it was your favorite drummer’s own DVD?
Here’s my Top 5:
5) Todd Sucherman-Methods & Mechanics MVD Video
4) Steve Smith-Drumset Technique/History Of the US Beat Hudson Music
3) Mike Portnoy-Liquid Drum Theater Hudson Music
2) Terry Bozzio-Musical Solo Drumming (2013)  Hal Leonard Music
1) Neil Peart-Taking Center Stage, A Lifetime Of Live Performance Hudson Music

I’d love to read your favorites!
Thanks & be well,
Brian Jezuit