Ask Jason Bittner Anything!

Posted: January 25, 2011 11:54 AM

David Pak

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Have you ever wished that you could ask a professional drummer a question? Any question? Well, here’s your chance to pick the brains of Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner when he hosts the first Pro Talk forum on the Forum for Fanatics.

Ask him for advice about recording, technique, songwriting, speed, chops, gear — anything that might help you become a better drummer. Or get specific about particular licks and parts he has played with Shadows Fall, or about his personal equipment choices.

Jason will visit the Forum daily from February 1–7 and answer as many questions as he can, but it isn’t too early for you to begin posting your questions in the “Ask Jason Your Question” forum right now.

While Pro Talk is open only to members of, it is easy and free to register. Simply go here and follow the prompts. You’ll be registered in a matter of minutes and can begin participating right away in our Pro Talk forum with Jason Bittner.