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Any other Hang/HandPan fans around?  I love the sound of these things and have just ordered my first Caisa drum, and have put my name down on the Halo waiting list.  http://www.hangdrumsandhandpans.com/2010/10/alternatives-to-hang-drum-for-sale-halo.html

Anybody here already own/play one?  If so, how do you like it?

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I’ve played many of them. I build custom-tuned “hang drum alternatives”. My drum is called the Lotus Drum and my website is Lotusdrum.com

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It’s been a while since I visited these forums. What a trip it’s been.

During the past few months I have improved my product and am pleased to be on the verge of the release of the new 16” 11 note Lotus Drum. The ones I produced in the past were 12” and contained 8 notes, these new ones will be 16” and contain 11(or more) notes. Tuned to any scale of choice.

A major difference will be the makeup of the steel and turnaround time. With my regular drums I have developed quite a waiting list; they take A LOT of time and production is quite laborious involving hours of cutting, grinding, heating, bending etc. The steel used in the new 16” instruments will be pressed by a manufacturing plant, they are allowing me the freedom to control every detail - thickness, diameter, carbon content, heat treatment etc. I’m very excited about these.

As of today, I have begun offering the 16” and am currently allowing customers to place themselves on the waiting list. As soon as I have caught up with the pending 12” orders, production of the 16” will commence. The 16” drums will take me approximately half the time to build.

I should be caught up with the 12” orders within the month and at that time will begin shipping the 16” drums to their rightful owners. I will also be releasing videos and photographs as I make them, until then you will have to take my word that they are going to sound amazing.

I will continue to offer the original 12” Lotus Drum, but only by special request.
Below is an image of one of the final 12”... they really came a long way. Each and every one of them endured a subtle change from the one before, evolving like a living creature. I will take the concepts I discovered throughout the explorative experience and will apply them to the new 16” instrument.


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I believe the story of the hangdrum is that it was invented by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer at PANArt in Switzerland. I heard that to order one you had to write a letter to them and then make a visit. It would then be decided if you were the right candidate for a hang.

I have subsequently heard that after getting inundated with orders they stopped making them for a while. Hangs on ebay began fetching over $5000.00

I know of these guys in Argentina: http://www.garrahand.com/

I also really like the look and sound of what lotusdrum is doing there. Your instruments sound like they have a nice resonance to them. Well done!

All the best.



Paul Jennings
Paul Jennings Music