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First off, let me say “thanks” for taking time to participate in such a unique capacity.  This is one of the reasons I choose to read DRUM! magazine over the others simply put, way more innovative and fresh ideas.
Secondly, I have to applaud you since listening to a cd that my nephew snuck into my ride’s cd player and being totally entranced, your style of drumming has lent itself into mine meaning, I’ve noticed certain differences in how I approach crescendos and blast beats.

My question to you has to do with how you setup your kit i.e., tom angles, throne height, kick drum elevation, floor tom leg isolation, etc…You see, I work as a drumtech for a Pork Pie/Meinl/promark endorser that plays in three different styles of groups so I just wanted to know how you like you kit arranged and does tom positioning play a huge role in your comfort zone.  Drummers like Morgan ROse (7dust) that play their kits with every piece being perpendicular to the ground or flat and level with no angles or tilts have just as huge a sound as drummers such as Dave Lombardo who practically plays behind a wall of toms that face inward.  Any thoughts on that?

Thanks again for being here for us and for giving us the best that you’ve got! 




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jason bittner

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Very good question….......first off thanks for the compilments….......as far as MY personal set-up, my primary thought is ergonomics.  I want to have to ability to move around the kit in either way with the most comfort possible.  I start by sitting on my throne as if Im going to sit a table to eat dinner.  I place my feet where they naturally want to fall, and that’s where my pedals go.  Then the kicks get attached to the pedals ,and the snare goes right directly in the middle at waist height with a minimum angle (it’s basically flat).  Then the floors are positioned flat, and even with the snare (14,16 on the right, 15” on the left) that ways i can cross over to either side with the same distance and height, no matter which way I go, and being left-handed on a righty kit, the dual floor placement allows for different voicings for some of my fills.  The racks are as low as the can go with a slight angle (not all the way flat - that’s still too weird), and IDEALLY I should be able to easily go around the kit by ONLY moving my arms a little higher than the snare, the object is to NOT have my shoulders involved - I always feel too much movement is just wasted energy.  As far as cymbals go, do you shoulders a favor and keep them lower, the less “swinging” for a cymbal the better.  And mine are pretty symetrical around the kit (2 rides, 3 crashes, 2 splashes, 2 chinas) once again the idea is ambidexterity, and ease of motion.
Good Luck