The Road?

Posted: February 01, 2011 11:57 AM


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I’m interested in what life is like on the road? What do you find toughest about touring? The food, hotels, being away from family? And, do you have a regimen of practice when you tour?

Posted: February 01, 2011 03:33 PM


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What do you do to pass the time during the long drives between shows?


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Posted: February 02, 2011 09:49 AM

jason bittner

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Great questions guys, but let me break it down for you

The road is great, and the road sucks!!!!

I know, I know you’re probably going “sucks”????  Well, picture yourself inside a moving tube (bus) or cube (van) for 9-10 months out of the year, smelling 4 other dudes farts, watching the same dvds over and over again, having nowhere to go aside from either the front lounge or the back lounge because you still have another 4 hours until you get to the venue, wondering if you’re going to eat more than twice today…................but those are the bad points and that’s more so when you’re in a van.

We have gone from van with no crew, to bus with no crew, to bus with full-on rock star crew (what a waste of $$$ in hindsight), back to our status now due to the economy which is STILL having a bus, but sharing with another band.  This is great if you get along with the other band, but if you don’t, it can make for a VERY LONG TOUR.

What do I do to pass the time?  Set-up my gear…...since the economy is so bad right now we cant afford crew (if we want to make any sort of living doing this), so we’re back to being our own techs.  This actually takes up quite a good amount of time for me.  Aside from that I give lessons on the road, update my websites, read a lot, and go to the gym or work out right at the venue in the dressing room, and i spend a lot of time on the phone with my wife.

Pros- I dont have to work a “real” job (at least for now), I play drums everyday for people who pay to see my band, I’ve seen the world countless times over, I’ve won numerous awards, been nominated for 2 grammys, I put a smile on other aspiring drummers faces, and once again I PLAY DRUMS FOR MY JOB!!!  This point outweighs ANY of the negative crap that goes along with being on the road. 

Cons - I dont get to have a regular practice routine due to the fact that there’s so much more going on everyday with setting up, doing interviews, press, etc.  We don’t sleep right, we don’t eat right, we destroy our bodies night after night.  And most importantly - I miss my wife, and my life at home, but when it’s all said and done….........

I wouldn’t trade my 30-90 minutes onstage for anything in the world - it’s the reason WHY we continue to do this year after year.  We seem to make less money every year, but that rush onstage can not be replaced by any high paying day-job!!!  so in closing if this is what you are striving to do, go for it!  Good Luck