Double Bass Exercises…

Posted: February 02, 2011 02:23 AM


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Hello Jason,
Thanks for taking time to talk to the drum community. 

Could you share some your practice routines for double bass?  Polyrhythms?  heel up? heel down?

Look forward to your response


Posted: February 02, 2011 09:29 AM

jason bittner

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Well the easiest answer I can give here is go out and pick up my Hudson DVD What Drives The Beat
there is a whole 45 minute tutorial on double bass

here ‘s a quick synopsis

practice 16th note patterns, start out with simple 2,3 note phrases, then move on to continuous single stroke patterns
practice them Heel up and heel down (I primarily play heel up- except when I’m playing for dynamics, and that’s heel down) heel up will give you much more power and control (i think)
practice triplet patterns, both rlr, lrl, AND the more challenging rll, lrr versions (I utilize the RLL pattern when I play ostinatos with two hi hats)
once those basics are down - go back and do all the right foot lead practicing leading with your LEFT foot instead

next step - then try double strokes with your feet (I’ve been working a lot with this over the last few years)

next step - getting into 32nd note patterns and linear fill ideas between the 4 limbs, I like using 5’s a and 3’s with this type of exercise

then when you can master those ideas, do like I did, put a remote hat on your right side and then try to move your feet between 2 kicks and 2 hats, this is where you can create some interesting poly-rhythms.