where is the music going

Posted: March 09, 2011 11:13 PM


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Where is music taking us, what is popular where you live.  I live in columbus oh and dub step is the up and coming thing…( for you older guys its that loud electronic music with alot of bass) personally im more in to jam/ funk bands, sound tribe sector 9, chad smith with the pepps.  But also dj’s are starting to get big. Like pretty lights( he plays with a drummer). Maybe its just because im a drummer but if the dj doesn’t have a drummer the beat never feels as full plus there’s know musical connection between artists which I feel is really the most important thing. with out that there really can’t be a.connection with a croud. Otherwise its just a guy jumpin around on stage to music he’s already made. What are you thoughs


I consider every drummer that’s Played before me an influence, in every way- buddie rich

Posted: March 09, 2011 11:39 PM

Phil Hood

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No doubt the number of DJs with drummers, and two-man pop bands (like the White Stripes, Matt and Kim, and many others) become more popular as time goes on. I expect to see a lot more especially as electronic drums proliferate. What do other folks say, or see happening in their part of the world?