Polyrhythms Part 1 : INTENSE Polyrhythmic Blast Beats?

Posted: April 06, 2011 02:03 AM


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The full title doesn’t fit, so I put the part I’m sure would get more attention!

Polyrhythms Part 1 : Theory, Basics and INTENSE Polyrhythmic Blast Beats!

FREE .pdf transcription available here : http://www.aaronedgar.com/Files/polyrhythms1.pdf

This is the first instalment in a weekly series that will be getting posted every monday night until it’s done (nine weeks total).

I took all the values from eighth notes to thirty second notes and created every polyrhythm possible from those, of which there are 28.

This episode covers the basics. Theory, 2 over 3 and 3 over 2, touching on how they’re different although they sound identical with no musical context. Also, 4 over 3 and 3 over 4. We go from totally basic to polyrhythmic blast beats!

Lastly, I’m trying something new here! You can buy a masterclass version of this video. Which includes over ten minutes of bonus lessons and material. * Three new polyrhythmic grooves * Three new polyrhythmic fills * Alternate practice methods * Five variations on a Gary Chaffee-esque polyrhythmic drum break and THIRTY-SIX rhythmic variations on the four polyrhythms covered in the original video. And of course, transcriptions to match! You can buy the masterclass version via paypal directly from my site : http://www.aaronedgar.com/store.php

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you subscribe to my channel!

Take it easy, guys!