Ludwig Snare Drums

Posted: April 14, 2011 08:10 AM


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I really love Ludwig Snare Drums! It is perfect for every gig!

Posted: April 19, 2011 12:08 PM


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I am thinking about adding a 13x7 Back Magic to my snare collection.


A good drummer will sound good on anything. A Bad drummer will sound bad on anything.

Posted: September 13, 2011 07:54 AM


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Hi everyone.
  Ludwig really made a name w/ their snare drums, particularly w/ the Black Beauty Models & the Supraphonic Models! The Black Beauty is one of the most recorded snare drums ever, & the Supraphonics—be it the 400 or the 402 Alloys—were the ‘go-to’ snare drums for many greats like Bill Bruford! “Bill’s Bonk” became a trademark sound, as he hit the Supraphonics very close to the rim. The Ludwig Supraphonic 402 Alloy was THE snare for the late, great John Henry Bonham! He always used the chrome-over-steel (never brass, according to Jeff Ocheltree’s “Trust Your Ears” DVD) models. Even when Ludwig gave Bonzo the Amber Vistalite kit, he kept the Supraphonic 402 snare drum, as opposed to using a Vistalite snare!
  Also deserving mention are the Ludwig Suprersensitives!
Rev.D., the Black Magic 13"x7” sounds GREAT! I ‘test drove’ it back in 2009. 8 lugs-simple & effective! There’s a decent amount of sustain, mabye b/c of the tube-style lugs. Tube lugs are less intrusive, as to give the drum more resonantion. I really liked the die-cast hoops. They made both rimshots & rim-clicks sound really good & really, really clear! The drum did sound ‘metallic’ (for lack of better terminology), but it IS a metal-shelled drum (black nickel-over-brass, to be precise). It’s a great work snare & if I could have afforded it @ the time, I’d have bought it for sure!
Be well, Brian JeZuit