Septuplets (Groups of 7) : The Nasty Subdivisions Part 2

Posted: April 26, 2011 10:07 AM


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Hey guys,

So here’s a subdivision I know most guys steer clear from. It’s not as nasty as most think. We just don’t usually work on it to a point where it’s useful.

There’s some really cool things you can do with it. In this video we’ll talk about counting, feeling it, accent variations, flams and even double bass groove/improvisation.

How To Count/Feel Septuplets PLUS Nasty Flams and Double Bass

As always, there’s accompanying free .PDF transcriptions.
Massive SQ2 drumkit, tons of Hammerax, including my one of a kind 48” Boomywang.

I hope you guys can use this stuff!

P.S. Part 1 on Quintuplets is here : How To Count/Feel Quintuplets AND Quintuplet Double Bass Grooving!