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Posted: May 26, 2011 09:16 PM


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Ok, I just noticed this.  This is Stewart Copeland month, and there’s no thread dedicated to him?  WHAT?!?

But I digress.  I while back I sent Mr. Copeland three ‘interview’ questions, which he answered for me!  I published an article with his answers and some of my thoughts regarding them:

Stewart Copeland Answers Questions From The Paradiddler

I hope you find it interesting (at least I did!).

Oh and by the way, if Stewart does have his own thread already elsewhere in this forum, my apologies!  smile


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Posted: August 06, 2011 02:09 AM


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Great questions! Copeland is 1 of the many reasons that I developed such a passion for drumming 20 yrs ago! Every time I listen to ANY “Police” tune, Stewart’s soundtrack material (“The EQualiZer” being my personal fave), or “GiZmo” tunes, I hear something new that I didn’t prior. I particularly liked the question re: his traditional grip. On a Drumming Festival DVD Set that I own, he’s interviewed & asked about that very topic. He says that he uses a “bastardiZed” version of it, as he places that stick between his fore & middle fingers (don’t try it…it kills). Thanks for posting & keep ‘em coming!