sabian b8 16’’ crash cymbal or sabian b8 16’’ rock crash?

Posted: July 07, 2011 05:26 PM


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    Jul 07, 2011

Yeah theyre probably like the same thing. i was jst wondering whats the difference between these two? I play heavy metal, a little funk, but really jst whatever i feel like(just play for fun) so which cymbal is best? or just any other cheap crash need a new one

Posted: August 06, 2011 10:32 AM


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Hi ‘Newbie’! I’m Brian. I’m the new “DRUM!” Forum Administrator & I want to welcome you to this Forum & encourage you to stay active w/ us…it’s readers/Forum users like you that help keep us ‘goin! Now, as far as SABIAN’s 16” ‘B8 Series Crashes…1st off they are certainly NOT all the same. There are 3 models of the B8 Crash @ 16”!—a) the 16”  Thin Crash-Bright, loud, w/ a high-pitched gain w/ a thin weight—b) the 16” Medium Crash-Quite similar to the former, but w/ a more eXplosive attack of bright tone/overtones, gives out fuller accents w/ a medium weight—c) the 16” Rock Crash-Fast, full, & a “penetrating” attack which is VERY powerful. This model is meant for high-volume musical settings (i.e., Metal, Rock, Punk) & the cymbal is of a heavy weight w/ a bell slightly larger than the other 2. Since you play a lot of Metal & Funk, I believe the 16” SABIAN B8 Rock Crash to probably be the best for you. If you were a student of mine, that is certainly what I’d reccomend! Thanks for your post, ‘Newbie’! We appriciate it!