Queen’s Roger Taylor!

Posted: August 10, 2011 10:38 AM


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I was so thrilled to see Roger Taylor in the ‘Hot Licks’ feature in the current issue of “DRUM!”. Taylor has been quite a huge influence on me over the last 20!!! He can hold down the groove w/ great ease & he has some very unique aspects of his playing that (in my opinion) are overlooked & underrated all too often! I’ve always loved how he opens up the HiHat quickly every time that he hits the snare drum! & his tom-tom sound is unmistakable! Tracks like ‘I In Love W/ My Car’ (in which he tackles the lead vocal role as well), ‘I, ‘I Want It All’, ‘The Show Must Go On’, ‘Under Pressure’, & ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ are just a tiny, yet great representation of the man’s talent! & if you want to sample some of the best ballad drumming that you might ever hear…‘One Year Of Love’ is a must-listen! I’ve always loved Taylor’s setups, too. His classic Queen setup of Ludwig’s, Paiste’s, & Remo RotoToms have become a “signature” of the man. As the years passed, the Paiste’s were replaced by Zildjian’s (as they remain today), & as of last year his trusted Ludwig drums were retired & DW’s were employed. The 14” & 16” Remo RotoToms remain (awesome), as does the drummer’s individual style, sound, technique, & his uncanny knack for serving the song. ‘Serving the song’ was something that was engraved into my brain by my teacher almost immediately upon starting. I haven’t found a fellow drummer yet that dislikes a chance to display his or her chops, but is it appropriate for the song? Well, that’s where Roger Taylor truly shines. A listen to any 1 song from Queen’s vast catalog proves that the man plays for the music & not for the chance to ‘grandstand’! The awesome thing is that there are volumes of Queen material that DO allow Taylor to spread his wings & play for what the music calls for in unison!

I would really love to read what you all have to say about Roger Taylor…the great Queen foundation! Please post your opinions & weather or not he was or is an influence to you, as well!

Thank you so much! Brian JeZuit