Posted: September 28, 2011 10:12 PM

Stuart Horner

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I’v Been in love with Avenged Seven fold Sense i first heard their City of Evil Album, i thought the world of it and Started to Learn Sidewinder. I Do the Same Double Bass and Ride like he used to Play in shows. I have Learned Bat Country As well as Critical Claim, and Beast and the harlot. i use Iron Cobra Petals. I can play straight 16th notes with my feet and then do the same with my hands. I enjoy and was inspired by their music and Wish to keep it Alive, I Soon Started to play Scream and Afterlife. I plan on forming a band with a Guitarist that Can play SinterGates, I plan on moving to California and interview to be A7X Next drummer, i’ll Work like a Mexican.
I’m looking for Feedback on My youtube Videos, Which ill post Soon as I finish this. I Enjoy Original Heavymetal, Prog Electrolytes ETc

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Sideways Citizen Cope

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So I have Spoke with my Mother how owns our large back yard. I was planing on getting 5-6 local bands to play music and charge admission of 5 dollars. It would be a half day concert ending at 11. I would want to get some guitars to Try Avenged sevenfold. Sounds like a plan