Mike Mangini’s new ‘Dream Theater’ Pearl Referance Pure Kit

Posted: October 03, 2011 06:20 AM


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I was wondering if anyone else is a bit “too taken back” by Mike Mangini’s new D.T. Kit. It’s a Pearl (of course) Referance Pure Model. I know that WITH ‘D.T.’, a big kit is a prerequisite. I’ve been a fan of the band when I was only 3 years into my playing journey in 1993 & a FANATIC of Mike Portnoy’s since then, as well. & w/ Mike’s Purple Monster, Siamese Monster, Albino Monster, Mirage Monster, & finally Back & Silver Monster I KNOW that you need a BIG setup! However, I think—& this is ONLY MY OPINION—Mangini’s kit is a bit too over the top. It’s like Portnoy & Terry Bozzio had a drum baby & this kit is it. Now, I’m a BIT bias, as I was really rooting for Derek Roddy to get the gig, but Mike Mangini is a GREAT drummer & a GREAT educator—Berklee is @ a loss!
Mangini has much of what Mike Portnoy had in HIS setup(s)—multiple kicks, gong bass drum, Octobans (or Quarter Toms, in Pearl’s case), aux/main snare drums, multiple hi hats, etc. It’s just…I don’t know…I was watching video of Mike & his ‘D.T.’ Kit, aptly named “The Pure Dream” on Pearl’s website & it just seemed a bit TOO much. Many friends of mine (drummer friends) have told me that about Portnoy’s setups over the years-many times, but owning all of ‘D.T.‘s albums & all of Mike’s educational/instructional DVDs from Hudson Music & his own site (as well a COUNTLESS feature interviews from “DRUM!” magazine & many other drumming periodicals), I KNOW that he used every single piece, not to mention that the left was always his “main” kit, while the right side served as his “experimental kit” side. Mangini seems to have melded this all together almost to a ‘Bozzio’ mold & I’m quite ambivolant.
I really would love to hear other’s opinions on this matter. Thank you & Be well.
Brian Jezuit