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Posted: January 09, 2012 02:37 PM

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Hello. I am a drummer/woodworker who builds cajons that I’m very proud of. The result of my own research, cabinet making skills, some speaker box math, trial and error and happy accidents. I’ve built some cajons that have a fat sustaining bass, multiple tones, zones and pitches, and a potential for development I see growing every time I see and hear somebody new playing them. They have a ridiculously simple and effective snare I created that is easily turned on and off and several independent drum and music stores in the LA area have considered them worthy to take up some of their floor space including Pro Drum Hollywood, Chad Sexton’s Drum City, Drum Doctors, McCabes, and amazing place for African Drums in Inglewood, MOTHERLAND Music. Shout outs to all the great people at these places! Check out videos at   I’ve got a lame website that needs improving Use decent speakers or headphones and please let me know what you think. Thanks, MSD