Experimental Drummers in Los Angeles

Posted: March 01, 2012 12:19 AM


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We’re an established alternative/progressive/rock band seeking a permanent drummer.

Our style requires drums with hard-rock energy—at the same time, polyrhythm and odd-time signatures are an integral part of our songwriting. We’re looking for someone who is comfortable and passionate about this approach to drums.

We want someone of similar age and experience as the rest of us—late 20s to early 30s, 8-10 years on stages and in the studio, tour-quality gear and cases, rock image, reliable transportation and the ambition to want to achieve something significant! This band is essentially our family so we’re looking for a full-on equal member, not a hired musician.

To us, this kind of intricate rock has to be super tight live - there are quite a few details but the overall energy still should be intense and never lose groove. We believe it’s worth putting in the extra effort it takes to pull this off.

Some of our influences are Karnivool, APC, Dead Letter Circus, Muse, The Apex Theory/Mt Helium, Dredg, Tool, Katatonia, Mute Math, The Butterfly Effect, Queens of the Stone Age, to name just a few!

If this sounds like your ideal situation too, contact us and let’s see if we have some chemistry. Negativesp8ce@gmail.com