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Posted: March 05, 2012 01:37 PM


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The article in this month’s “DRUM!” regarding female drummers that have inspired us & that have made a difference in the drumming community was excellent. The only drummer that I thought would, for sure, be mentioned & was not, is Hilary Jones! To me, she is a defining female drummer who has all of the qualities that we love in drummers-male & female alike!
Jones’ credits are many & include Doc Severinsen, Eric Marienthal, & Robben Ford. She graduated from The Baltimore School Of Arts & then joined the US Navy Band & the Armed Forces School Of Music. Her father was a musician, which served as inspiration. Although her parents tried to get her to play the guitar @ 14 (because it’s a bit less agressive), she persisted on the drums! Bad Company, Kiss, Elton John, & Alice Cooper’s records were the 4 main ‘play-alongs’ in the beginning for Hilary. Later in life & her drumming education, Peart, Walden, VanHalen, & Bozzio became the main inspirations for her. @ 1 time, she was in a cover band that mainly played ‘Rush’ songs, which taught her how to play w/ precision & focus.
About 8 or 9 years ago, I bought a DVD w/ Jones playing @ a Drumming Festival from around 2000. The sound of her drums were amazing-not just when hit hard, but when she just hit them w/ a feather touch (a’la Bozzio)! I had the honor of asking her how she tuned her toms. Although she dosen’t tune to any specific note, she said that if I were to hit all of the 12” toms in her home, they would all sound the same. This isn’t deliberate, it just happens to be that way.
Hilary endorses DW drums & pedals, Gibraltar hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Attack Terry Bozzio Signature heads, & Pro-Mark H. Jones Autograph Model sticks.
For more info go to drummerworld.com or just ask me & I’ll try to answer, as she has been my favorite female drummer for many years. I thought that she needed a mention!
Brian Jezuit