Custom China Cymbal

Posted: May 31, 2012 07:41 PM


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Just had a custom 18” ZHT China done. I’m so excited about this cymbal!!!!!!!
The design was inspired by two things, obviously Sabian’s Holy China has an influence, but what really drove me to do this was a cymbal stack I have been using.
Many months ago I worked with a band who used some real crazy programed drums on their records. I wanted to duplicate the sounds as best I could with acoustic instruments before going to electronic samples. I came up with this stack that consisted of a heavily cracked 18” Oriental China Trash that I use with Street Drum Corps as a bottom Hi Hat, and a 14” ZXT Trashformer as a Top Hat, that just lightly sits on the china. The result was a perfectly-loud “white noise” kind of sound that emulated the programed sample. Since that time I have been using this stack combination with an Industrial-Metal band in place of a traditional Ride Cymbal.
A dilemma popped up when I signed on to do another 2 month residency with Street Drum Corps for this summer. That means my wonderful cracked China is going to get shipped off with the rest of our gear and stay at the venue until September. Rather than cart my cymbal back and forth twice a week to and from the SDC gigs I figured I should just get a new china.

To duplicate the sounds of a professional but broken china I decided that a lesser expensive model with proper holes drilled into would be close to the sound I needed.

The result is far better than I could have imagined. This combination is far LOUDER and BRIGHTER that I anticipated.
One problem I had with the original stack is that the volume was not comparable to that of my other cymbals. This cuts through just about anything!!!

I’m going to take some video/audio samples soon and post them on my website.