Dw nickel over brass

Posted: July 26, 2012 08:27 AM


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    Jun 20, 2012

Thank you AJ Donahue for the spot on review of the dw black nickel over brass snare drum in the aug issue. I’ve been a Dw guy for many years and at this point I really see no reason to play anything else. I’ve been considering another metal snare for a little while and as soon as I read the review it really lit the fire under me to find one. I really have to say its probably the best snare I’ve ever owned. It really is the most versatile snare I’ve ever played. The 3 position but plate gives me in all actuality 3 different drums. It truly is a workhorse of a snare. I can’t get enough of it and been using it at every gig since the day I got it. I’m in love with the higher tuning range! And it looks absolutely amazing. Not only is the black nickel amazing , the way it reflects every finish off every one of my kits is also amazing! Anyone that might be considering a new snare please do yourself a favor and at least check one out. Thanks again drum magazine, and dw drums for a lifetime of education and inspiration. Nick k. Chicago