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What do you want?

Posted: September 05, 2010 10:11 PM


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A good drummer will sound good on anything. A Bad drummer will sound bad on anything.

Posted: September 08, 2010 02:05 PM


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Hi All. i think more lessons. I am a youth worker and and have 2 groups “rock school and drum machine. It would be great to introduce not only my groups to new styles but myself as well. I have been drumming for maybe 20 years and i am still learning. It would be good to see more reviews of the mid range gear as mentioned earler.

rock on

Johnny b UK

Posted: September 09, 2010 07:46 PM


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I think you guys should review the DW eco-x kit.  I’ve been wondering about how good it is lately

Posted: September 14, 2010 01:47 PM


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Vintage- yes! I LOVED when Traps magazine had old photos of sets used by past greats (and even some not so great) It is cool to see what others used (or HAD to use) in the past. Rare old stuff intrigues me- maybe ‘cuz I’m old… and a bit rare…

Posted: September 16, 2010 09:44 AM


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I agree for sure with the idea of reviews on the intermediate drum models with real pros and cons. I doesn’t have to make it to the print version. Drum heads would be nice too. I have a 7 piece kit so trial and error is expensive!

Videos would be great as well as long as they’re catagorized. ie: lessons, gear, theories, hey look what I can do, etc. I often hit up youtube when I have a bit of downtime to get some ideas and other points of view on techniques. I usually have to go through a lot of crap before finding the right video. I’m really not interested in seeing someone else play along to tom sawyer. A write up on on each video would be nice as well. Like what it is and why I should watch it.

I was actually thinking yesterday as I read the article on grips with Thomas Lang that it would be really great if I could go online and see a video of these different grips. The moeller technique is shown in 5 pictures, but expanding on that and having a video that shows the motions and explains what’s happening would be quite beneficial. I know I can do a youtube search for this technique but I’d rather hear it from thomas lang!

Some video gear reviews with sound samples would be extremely beneficial. IE: different heads on the same drum or different mics on the same drum. In the end, we’re all after a certain sound. Actually hearing that product would make a world of difference.

I hope this helps,

Posted: September 22, 2010 10:56 AM


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benny greb ,benny greb ,benny greb dude rox!

Posted: September 22, 2010 11:06 AM

Andy Doerschuk_1

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For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about Benny Greb.


Andy Doerschuk
Editorial director, drummagazine.com

Posted: September 29, 2010 08:19 PM


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I am sure this has been done before…........

But maybe a section on the comparisons between different drum heads.

For experienced drummers this might not be as important but for newer drummers it could help sort them out as to what they should start with to get a head start on finding their preference.

Personally i spent a lot of money finding out what I like and what works for me, as much as I am happy to give my money to Remo, a little direction would maybe have saved me a few bucks

Posted: November 01, 2010 12:19 PM


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I agree with comparisons. Don’t just review on head at a time. Give us a review of similar heads from the major manufacturers. How does one brand of hardware compare to another. I want to know what brand offers the best product for the best price.

Also regular updates for clinics.


loud is my forte

Posted: December 12, 2010 07:08 AM


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I’d like to see tips about stuff like:

> gear packing and setup tips (to put in bags or not)

> band ‘management’ tips like stuff about marketing, buying PA gear, managing $ (band fund or not), etc

> how to critique without pissing someone off smile

Posted: December 13, 2010 02:49 PM

David Pak

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@BobaZeke/bigbeat/zepefan81 - thanks for the feedback!

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