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Accessory I Can’t Live Without

Posted: October 01, 2010 11:58 PM

Dan Cunningham

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guarilio989 - 01 October 2010 06:27 AM

Have you considered in ear monitors? As long as your sound man isn’t a complete moron he/or she should be able to set you up with a pretty basic headphone arrangement fairly cheap and easy. if you do it right you can even use your preferred pair of headphones too. I like JVC marshmallows because they’re cheap($20 at walmart), comfortable, and they’re kinda like ear-plugs in their own right. you should be able to set it all up like this:
Sound board output (NOT AMPLIFIED!!!)<—monitor cable—> personal monitor amp<—1/4 to 1/8 jack<—your headphones
SBO^(STILL NOT AMPLIFIED!!!)<-monitor cable->Direct box<-XLR cable-> PMA <-1/4 to 1/8 jack<—headphones

I use option two because if you use option one you only get one ear because of the mono channeled monitor cable. The XLR apparently splits the signal. Also very important note… NEVER EVER PUT YOUR MONITOR CHANEL IN LINE WITH THE HOUSE SPEAKERS! especially if you use the personal monitor amp box. You’ll basically be double amplifying a signal and will run the risk of fusing the headphones with your head should your sound man decide to hit a wrong button. Just some food for thought. Otherwise this is a simple set-up for minimizing hearing damage and maximizing how much of your band you can hear.

I have never considered in ears because I thought it would be too expensive, but these options sound pretty simple and cheap.
Thank you very much. I will definitely look into it. And thanks for the useful tips!

Posted: October 04, 2010 05:15 AM


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thats what this forum is here for lol smile

o and just to give you a better idea of how cheap this is, you should already have an extra monitor and XLR cables (ask your sound guy), the personal monitor amp I use is a Rolls PM50S for $25, I’m not sure about the direct box cuz i use the one I found in a closet behind the stage at my church but I’ll guesstimate somewhere around $20, and the 1/4” to 1/8” male to female jack you can find at radioshack for like 5 bucks. add your headphones and you’ll have a good in ear or over the ear monitor set-up for just over $50 depending on your headphones. pretty cheap when opposed to a whole other monitor. you may also want to get a male to female 6 foot headphones extension too depending on your headphones. that way you dont have to put the monitor box in your pocket lol


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