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Posted: August 29, 2012 04:59 PM


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Hello All..

My name is Tony Rothschild, and have been teaching how to play the drums since 1974.

In those long ago days, the technology was not around to do what we have just achieved.
It has always been my intention to teach in the simplest way, start with the basics and give every child, regardless of age,sex or ethnic background,and finances,
the chance to learn music.

Here a link to the first complete lesson : - The Introduction of playing the drums!

No fancy production, no glitz and glamour, no high definition DVD, and no BIG payments of $100’s, that is why I say “play in a day Tony’s way” and that is exactly what the ‘2getdrumming’ project is all about, Happy Sticking!!”


p.s. People ask me, why advertentions on youtube??
- its easy to explain, the production (studio, rent, camera’s editing guy etc) cost a lot of money, and we have the crazy idea to make a complete course of 100’s of lessons. All the drumming styles you can learn! Its just to cover the costs, and we can get more professional equipement for the next lessons smile