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Posted: September 05, 2012 09:42 AM


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Hey everyone,

My name is Ryan, and I’m a drummer from PA.  I’m posting this because I’m starting a small drum company, called Keystone Drum Company.  I’m taking inspiration from custom drum companies (OCDP, SJC, Truth, C&C, etc.), but on a much smaller scale, and therefore much less expensive.  As of right now, I’m not a true custom drum manufacturer.  Currently, I plan on only offering 2 different kits, but options available for those kits yield a few thousand different possibilities.  So, here’s my plan:  I’m offering a 4 piece and 5 piece (1 rack tom, 2 floor toms) kit each available in Keller maple with a glass glitter wrap or RCI acrylic.  All kits will have 2.3mm hoops, tube lugs, and tom isolation mounts, but you have the following options:

4 piece kit: 8x12 rack tom, 12x14 floor tom, 20x20 kick, 6x14 snare
- choice of 13 colors of glitter wraps (and possibly up to 22 colors in the near future) OR choice of 17 colors of acrylic
- maple kits have 6 ply toms, 8 ply kicks, and 10 ply snares
- acrylic shells are 1/ 4” thick
- choice of mini or standard tube lugs
- choice of lug placement (in line, 50% offset, or 7/ 8 offset)
- choice of chrome, brass, or black nickel hardware
- choice of rack or 3-leg floor tom isolation mount on floor tom
- option to increase 12x14 floor tom to 14x16
- option to increase 20x20 kick to either 20x22 or 20x24
- option to increase 6x14 snare to 7x14

5 piece kit: 8x12 rack tom, 12x14 and 14x16 floor toms, 20x20 kick, 6x14 snare
- all the same choices as 4 piece kit
- option to increase 20x20 kick to either 20x22 or 20x24
- option to increase 6x14 snare to 7x14

Choice of lugs, lug placement and floor tom isolation mount will be free of charge, but hardware color and choosing to increase shell sizes will incur only a small fee.  I would like to start off with about 20 people making commitments so I can buy parts in bulk which would lower my costs and allow me to charge the lowest possible price for these kits.  Prices of the kits depend on the hardware color and shell sizes you choose, so please get in touch with me for a quote.  I can say though that it’ll be at least $1,000 less than what a big name custom company would charge for the same kit.  If you may be interested, or know someone who is, or would like a quote, or even if you just have a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  I’d prefer an email sent to, but I’m posting this message on a few different forums, and if you can send a message to my account on this forum, feel free to do that also.

Thanks everyone for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!!