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Pintech Creates Splash With New PDK1000

Pintech PDK1000

PIntech's PDK1000 is a highly responsive intermediate kit for under $800.

Gear Showcase

Pintech Introduces Mesh Heads In White

Pintech Percussion introduces their Reaction Series mesh heads in a new color: white.

Gear Showcase

New Inventions: The Twiggy Practice Pad

The Twiggy Practice pad is a portable practice pad that strengthens muscle memory and encourages the correct hand and wrist motions.

Gear Showcase

StickARK: At Your Fingertips

StickARK is an ingenious drumkit accessory that keep back-up sticks at the ready.


Tama’s Star Series Drums

Tama has outdone itself in creating a new line of beautiful and remarkable sounding drums.

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Remo Goodies: Emperor’s New Clothes

Remo introduces new models to the line of popular, black, opaque drumheads.

Gear Showcase

Innovative Percussion Rolls Out New Models

Legacy Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion unveils seven new stick models in hickory and maple.


PDP: Concept Bass Drum Pedals

DW/PDP kept things much more minimal, offering a simple longboard pedal at an out-and-out cheap price.

Grover Pro: BlocKnock, Who’s There?

Grover Pro's BlocKnock is an easy way to play woodblock without needing a mallet.

Extreme Isolation Headphones

Kelley Percussion introduces new Extreme Isolation headphones.