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Simmons Crams New Features Into SD1500

Simmons SD1500 Kit

Simmons new SD1500 Kit offers a ton of new features in its price class.

Buyer's Guide

Drum Tuner: The Pursuit Of The Perfect Pitch

DRUM! wanted to know more about tuning tools, so we found five of the most popular units on the market and set out to identify the pros and cons of each.

Drumkit of the Week

Sam Loeffler of Chevelle: Video Kit Tour

Sam Loeffler gives us a tour of his current kit with Chevelle.

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Chopzz: Practice Where You Sleep


ChopZzz is a pillowcase you can practice drums on.

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Stone Super American Exotic Snares Debut

Stone Custom Drums Bubinga Snare

Stone Custom Drums has introduced 7-ply snares with exotic veneers and an All-American core.

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Pintech Creates Splash With New PDK1000

Pintech PDK1000

PIntech's PDK1000 is a highly responsive intermediate kit for under $800.

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Pintech Introduces Mesh Heads In White

Pintech Percussion introduces their Reaction Series mesh heads in a new color: white.

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New Inventions: The Twiggy Practice Pad

The Twiggy Practice pad is a portable practice pad that strengthens muscle memory and encourages the correct hand and wrist motions.

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StickARK: At Your Fingertips

StickARK is an ingenious drumkit accessory that keep back-up sticks at the ready.

Product Test

Tama’s Star Series Drums

Tama has outdone itself in creating a new line of beautiful and remarkable sounding drums.