Soilwork Drummer Metalizes Toontrack Grooves

Metal Beats Midi

Soilwork's Dirk Verbueren is back with a new set of Metal Midi grooves for EZ Drummer.


TRX: CRX Cymbals Reviewed!

TRX lets Brad Schlueter take the CRX cymbals for a test ride, with a wide array of choices and sounds at an affordable price.

Gear Showcase

Off-Set: The Big Boy Single Pedal

Off-Set Bass Drum Pedal Company introduces their latest single bass drum pedal, the Big Boy Single.

PASIC, Video

Zildjian K Cymbals Debut At PASIC

DRUM! talks with Zildjian Director of Research and Development, Paul Francis, about the Zildjian K Cymbals.


Steve Smith’s Paul Jamieson Custom Snare

Steve Smith needed a deep, loud, and sensitive drum that would allow him to be heard clearly above his band for Journey's Frontiers tour.


Brady Drums: Walkabout Series

Brady Drums talks about their philosophy on drum craftmanship, as well as a look at the Walkabout Series.

PASIC, Video

Dixon Drums: Australian Ironbark Snares

We check out Dixon Drums' experimental addition to the Chris Brady snare series: the Australian Ironbark snares.

Soundlab, Video

Ancient Tree Snare Review

DRUM! Magazine product specialist AJ Donohue reviews an Ancient Tree snare drum.

Gear Showcase, Video

ProMark’s Select Balance Drum Sticks

ProMark's new Select Balance line of drum sticks allows drummers to choose between forward and rebound balance.

Ahead’s Chavez Arsenal Sticks & Mallets

Ahead Drum Sticks introduces the Chavez Arsenal Tenor Drum Stick and Mallet models to the company's marching line.