Drumkit Of The Week

John Cloutier’s 53-Piece Clear Acrylic Monster

It’s hard to imagine how John Cloutier manages to store his outrageous 53-piece clear acrylic RCI Starlight kit, with its 8 bass drums, 6 bass drum woofers, 8 snare drums, 11 Octobons, 17 toms, and 3 timbales, mounted on a gnarly custom Gibraltar rack. It’s a whopper, all right.

Drumkit Of The Week, Video

Video: Art Cruz & His Mighty Double Bass Set

Winds Of Plague’s blast beatin’ drummer Art Cruz gives us a video tour of his massive kit, and explains how and why his drums, cymbals, heads, pedals, and even in-ears help bring to life the sounds in his head. In a nutshell — it’s a very cool setup. Drooling yet?