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Battlefield Drum Battles On

Roger Kowalewski got the custom drum itch in high school, when he decided the best way to get exactly what he wanted was to start building his own. He got his feet wet with snares, and then graduated into designing and building complete kits. Battlefield Drum Company — the name was inspired by a song and a bible verse — was born in 2004.

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Custom Drum Builders Week

We decided to take all of our articles and interviews, and especially, photos, and put them together for one week to honor the custom drum builders. We salute the visionaries, the perfectionists, and the deeply obsessed, all of whom make the world of drumming so much more, uhm, individual.

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Ellis Drum Company

To see a set of Ellis drums you may need to hop on a plane, because they’re only available in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Defining The Spaun Sound

Brian Spaun’s career as a drum builder started out the way so many others have, as a natural consequence of his frustration with what was available coupled with an insatiable curiosity that had him tearing apart his drums since he was a teenager, trying to see exactly how they worked so he could one day do it better.

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Pork Pie Drums: Quality And Color

A seasoned veteran of the custom drum industry, Bill Detamore learned the art of constructing drums as a curious teenager by cracking open old drums to see how they worked. He sold his first homemade drum at 17, the money from which he used to buy two more kits. A few years later in 1987, Pork Pie Percussion was born.

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Medicine Man’s Risk Pays Off

After running Medicine Man Custom Drums for more than ten years, it’s clear that Dana Cheney’s risky venture into the custom drum building business was a smart idea. A drummer since 1973, Cheney began his education in the craft of drum building while helping a friend repair and restore a drum set. Cheney and his friend both realized his natural aptitude for restoring drums, so he began learning all he could about building them. "I did a lot of research, reading everything I could,” he says. “I used information online on how to build and refurbish drums.”