1929 Slingerland Professional Model Snare


Era: 1929—’35
Finish: Peacock Pearl with nickel-plated hardware
Dimensions: 14" x 5"
Lugs: 8

The finish on this 1929 Slingerland Professional Model snare drum – originally called Opal Pearl and later changed to Peacock Pearl – is very rare for a Slingerland snare drum. I have seen only one other Slingerland snare like this one, except that it had a 1-ply maple shell with double-flanged hoops and the more common pyralin (plastic) Peacock Pearl wrap — but we’ll leave that for a future article. This drum is an 8-lug, solid mahogany Professional Model with single-flanged nickel-over-brass hoops and the 1920s—’30s three-point strainer, also known as the Rapid Throw-Off Muffler Strainer (1934), the Professional Throw-Off Muffler Strainer, and finally (on the Slingerland parts page) as the Speedy Snare Strainer. This run of Peacock Pearl has the cloth-like texture with a mesh glue-grid backing that I’ve seen on a few Ludwig & Ludwig snare drums and on the only Peacock Pearl Leedy snare drum that I have ever seen. This drum was purchased in 2004 from a seller on eBay.