2012 NAMM Preview: Two New Gon Bops Cajons

2012 NAMM Preview: Two New Gon Bops Cajons

Gon Bops Cajons

Two new Gon Bops cajons will soon find their way onto the shelves of your local drum shop in 2012 – one for beginners and the other for percussionists who desire high-quality workmanship.

At the upper end of the scale, the new El Toro model (above left), named after acclaimed percussionist and educator Efrain Toro, is made at Gon Bops’ Peruvian cajon shop. Crafted from solid Peruvian Mohena hardwood, and measuring 13" wide x 18.5" tall (with a 13.5" base), the El Toro Cajon features inner guitar strings for authentic Flamenco Cajon sound, a free carrying case, and large rubber feet that ensure ample bass tones project outward instead of getting lost in the floor. The company promises an astonishing range of tone – from snappy highs to deep, resonant lows, partly due to its angled front contour.

To address the need for an introductory cajon model, Gon Bops will also introduce the Fiesta Cajon (above right). Featuring an adjustable maple front panel and medium-density fibreboard shell, the instrument comes with internal snare wires and large rubber feet. Its smaller 12" wide x 18" tall dimensions makes the Fiesta model ideal for students and beginners, or as a second “grab-and-go” instrument for gigs where players may not want to travel with high-end models — like house concerts, or even the beach.

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