2012 NAMM Preview: Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag

2012 NAMM Preview: Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag

I’ll never forget the mixed emotions I felt when I realized I could achieve just as much stability from single-braced stands than I’d previously gotten with double-braced stands. In that instant, I celebrated the fact that I had just cut the weight of my trap case in half, and regretted that I spent years hauling around all that heavy metal.

So I felt similarly conflicted when I first saw Vic Firth’s new Essentials Stick Bag. Designed to hold four or five implements – a couple pairs of sticks, a set of brushes, perhaps some mallets – the Essentials bag folds up into the tightest- and sleekest-looking stick case I ever set eyes upon.

Made of water resistant nylon, it packs all the necessary features into its small footprint, like an internal pocket, elastic drum key loop, and hook-and-strap system for secure suspension from the floor tom or snare. Opened up, its dimensions are a mere 8.25" tall by 19" wide. Think iPod vs. your grandfather’s home stereo system.

In the meantime, I’ll continue staring at my current stick bag, and wondering why it’s stuffed so full of 5As that it looks like a pregnant penguin.

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