2012 NAMM Preview: Vic Firth Carbon Fiber Sticks

2012 NAMM Preview: Vic Firth Introduces Carbon Fiber Sticks

We’ve seen a series of hopeful start-up companies attempt to enter the drum stick market over the past 20 years with nearly identical versions of carbon fiber drum sticks. In every case we’re been impressed with the natural feel and remarkable durability of the products, and yet watched each company fade into obscurity, leaving us scratching our heads. Why have carbon fiber sticks had such a hard time finding a spot in drum shop stick bins?

Perhaps it’s because they’ve always gone up against some of the biggest names in the industry. But we just learned that Vic Firth, one of the most revered drum stick manufacturers of all time, is poised to launch the Titan line of carbon fiber sticks at the 2012 NAMM show in January.

This could be a watershed moment. Made from an advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite, each Titan stick is remarkably consistent in weight and pitch. To prove their durability, Vic Firth enlisted some of its most aggressive players to test the sticks in practice, recording, and performance, and got a unanimous thumbs-up. Titans are available in the company’s American Classic 5A and 5B sizes and are even recyclable – a 100 percent green product that doesn’t require cutting down a single tree.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay more for a pair of Titans, whose suggested retail price is $99.95. But the company is betting that the extra cost will be offset by the vastly increased durability and consistency of every stick. What is it worth to have utmost confidence that your sticks aren’t going to break?

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