22” K Constantinople Bounce Ride from Zildjian

More Bounce to the Ounce

With the new 22” K Constantinople “Bounce” ride, Zildjian has come up with perfect solution for versatile jazz gigging.

Designed in conjunction with renowned be-bop revivalist Kenny Washington, this newest addition to the K Constantinople line is medium thin in weight, which produces a pitch that can ride over the band and cuts through the busiest and loudest band settings, yet still has the kind of control required for intimate musical situations.

The "Bounce" ride has traditional K Constantinople hammering but with more pronounced lathe/tonal grooves, which means a higher level of sustain and wash for that massive wall of sound.

The Bounce sports a unique series of eight "cluster" over-hammered marks on top that are visually distinct and give it just enough trash and 'dirt.' Dig in once, and get hooked for good.

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