Mike McGill’s ’60s Vintage Gretsch Kit

60’s Vintage Gretsch Kit Owned By Mike McGill

Some guys have all the luck. Not only does Mike McGill have a great Pearl Reference Kit, with its advanced design, but he also has a vintage ’60s Gretsch kit, which is our Drum Kit Of The Week. Take it away, Mike.

“The two shots are of my ’60s vintage Gretsch kit,” McGill says. “I restored it myself. Almost all the hardware is Pearl. Cymbals are mostly Zildjians with one Serpent 17” Sidewinder. This is one heck of a unique cymbal in both sound and looks, and greatly adds to the shine and glamor of the kit.” McGill is an endorser for Serpent and you can see more of Serpent’s work at http://www.serpentcymbals.com

Mike’s other set, the Pearl Reference Kit, has the same hardware, cymbals, and Gretsch snare drum.

Thanks Mike!

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