Tycoon Percussion For Drum Set

Add-Ons Have Never Been This Much Fun

Ever longed for that silvery sweep of chimes while playing your kit, like during the extended bridge on Heart's "Magic Man"? Well, Tycoon Percussion wants to help you fulfill that dream.

Along with an extensive selection of wicked congas, stylish cajons and other hand drums, Tycoon now offers nearly two-dozen cowbells and six mountable tambourines as well as several models of hi-hat tambourines, synthetic “Lip” blocks, traditional wood blocks, and of course, aluminum bar chimes.

The Black Pearl models of cowbell are popular with contemporary drumset players due to their steel construction, distinctive finish, penetrating tone and affordable price point. The Black Pearl series consists of three bells; the 5" Cha-Cha, 7" Mambo and 7" Standard, which is favored for its lower pitch and deeper tone. These, as well as many other Tycoon cowbells, come equipped with angled clamps featuring captive eye-bolts and wingnuts for fast, secure mounting and comfortable positioning.

There are several mountable Tycoon tambourine options as well, including bright and dark sounding models with brass or steel jingles as well as bright and dark models with a mixture of brass and steel jingles. Brass jingles are a bit more resonant while steel jingles have drier, crunchier tone.

Tycoon’s durable, double-crescent, plastic tambourines all feature double rows of jingles for maximum volume and articulation and, due to their exclusive design, all use Tycoon’s advanced, interchangeable TXTB-B tambourine mounting bracket to facilitate quick and easy conversion between hand-held and mounted applications.

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