A Pearl Masters Kit From The Gods

Pearl Masters

Whether he's drumming in a rap, rock or pop band, Zeus X. Machina's Pearl Masters MMX kit in Emerald Fade is the perfect drum set for any genre.

A metalhead at heart, this German drummer plays in several different bands, so he has to have a kit that can transform from style to style.

“The left side of the drum set is used for all dynamical and ’quiet' stuff,’” Machina says about the massive kit. “The right side is mainly used for all ’loud’ and metal stuff. The toms and effect cymbals can be used for a whole range of music.”

Take a look at his facebook to see just how hard Machina rocks.

Pearl Masters

Pearl Masters Setup

DRUMS: Pearl
20" x 16" Bass Drum (x2)
12" x 9" Custom Snare
10" x 5" Firecracker Custom Snare
8" 8" Rack Tom
10" x 8" Rack Tom
12" x 10" Rack Tom
16" x 14" Rack Tom
11" Custom Metal Tom

10" Signature Micro Hi-Hat
14" Rude Sound Edge Hi-Hat
17" 2002 Power Crash
17" Rude Crash/Ride
24" Rude Mega Power Ride
18" Rude China
12" Signature Flanger Bell
13" Signature Mega Cup Chima
6" 2002 Bell Chime
10" Rude Splash
4" 2002 Accent
6" 2002 Accent
8" 2002 Accent

Pearl Elite Cowbell
Pearl Tambourine with Brass Jingles
Custom Stullenbrettchen
Roland PD-8 L Drum Pad (x2)