2015 DRUM! Magazine Gear & Media Awards

2015 DRUM! Magazine Gear & Media Awards

The Best In Drums, Cymbals, Accessories, And Web Sites

DRUM! Magazine has announced the winners of the 2015 Gear And Media Drummies! Awards. This is the twentieith annual reader poll awards for excellence in products For the past 20 years, readers of DRUM! Magazine have pored over the annual Drummies! ballot to cast votes in the percussion industry’s definitive gear and media awards poll. Each individual ballot added another important voice to the vast pool of worldwide participants who collectively chose the following winners. For the record, this year the number of voters reached new heights, with more than 10,000 votes cast. That represents a whole lot of drummers who are passionate about their art and the tools they use to make it.

Drum Set

WINNER DW Collector’s Series Timeless Timber Romanian River Oak
1ST RUNNER UP Pearl Wood/Fiberglass Ltd. Series
2ND RUNNER UP Gretsch Renown Birch
3RD RUNNER UP Tama Superstar Classic

Snare Drum

WINNER Pearl Chad Smith Tricolon
1ST RUNNER UP Ludwig Copper-Phonic
2ND RUNNER UP DW Icon Series Neil Peart R40
3RD RUNNER UP Craviotto Solitaire

Custom Drum Company

WINNER SJC Custom Drums
1ST RUNNER UP Q Drum Company
2ND RUNNER UP 1710 Percussion
3RD RUNNER UP Allegra Drums

Ride Cymbal

WINNER Zildjian 21" K Custom Organic Ride
1ST RUNNER UP Sabian 22" Big & Ugly AA Apollo Ride
2ND RUNNER UP Paiste 22" Formula 602 Medium Ride
3RD RUNNER UP Paiste 22" Rude Power Ride

Crash Cymbal

WINNER Meinl 18" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash
1ST RUNNER UP Istanbul Mehmet 18" Tony Williams Tribute Crash
2ND RUNNER UP Paiste 18" PSTX Swiss Thin Crash
3RD RUNNER UP Paiste 16" PSTX Swiss Thin Crash

Crash/Ride Cymbal

WINNER Meinl 20" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash-Ride
1ST RUNNER UP Meinl 22" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash-Ride
2ND RUNNER UP Soultone 21" Heavy Hammered Prototype Crash-Ride
3RD RUNNER UP Amedia Supernova Ride


WINNER Paiste 14" PSTX Swiss Hats
1ST RUNNER UP Meinl 15" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Hi-Hats
2ND RUNNER UP Meinl 14" Byzance Jazz Tradition Hi-Hats
3RD RUNNER UP Sabian 14" B8X Rock Hats.

Splash Cymbal

WINNER Paiste 10" PSTX Swiss Splash
1ST RUNNER UP Sabian 10" B8X Splash
2ND RUNNER UP Sabian 8" B8X Splash
3RD RUNNER UP Sabian 12" B8X Splash

China & Effects Cymbals

WINNER Zildjian 10" fx oriental China Trash
1ST RUNNER UP Zildjian 12" fx Spiral Stackers
2ND RUNNER UP Meinl 14" HCS Trash Stack
3RD RUNNER UP Sabian 18" B8X Chinese

Stands & Thrones

WINNER Tama Star Hardware
1ST RUNNER UP DW 6000 Series Ultralight
2ND RUNNER UP Gibraltar 6000 Series E-Kit Hardware Stand Pack
3RD RUNNER UP Gibraltar 6076 E Module Stand

Cymbal Sets

WINNER Istanbul Mehmet Tony Williams Tribute Set
1ST RUNNER UP Sabian B8X Effects Pack
2ND RUNNER UP Sabian B8X Performance Set
3RD RUNNER UP Sabian B8X Complete Set


WINNER DW 9000 Series XF Hi-Hat Pedal
1ST RUNNER UP DW Concept Series Direct Drive Pedal
2ND RUNNER UP Gibraltar Second Generation Adjustable Chain Drive Cajon Pedal
3RD RUNNER UP Axis Laser Hi-Hat

Stands & Thrones

WINNER Tama Star Hardware
1ST RUNNER UP DW 6000 Series Ultralight
2ND RUNNER UP Gibraltar 6000 Series E-Kit Hardware Stand Pack
3RD RUNNER UP Gibraltar 6076 E Module Stand

Hardware Accessories

WINNER DW Go Pro Mount
1ST RUNNER UP Gibraltar 14" Vintage Brass20-Strand Snare Wires
2ND RUNNER UP Gibraltar Road Series Hardware Stealth E-Rack With Black Clamps

Pads & Triggers

WINNER Roland RT-30HR Dual Drum Trigger
1ST RUNNER UP Roland RT-30H Drum Trigger
2ND RUNNER UP Roland RT-30K Bass Drum Trigger
3RD RUNNER UP Alesis Sample Pad Pro

Assorted Electronics

WINNER Roland RH-300V V-Drums Headphones
1ST RUNNER UP Sabian PDMR Personal Drum Mixer
2ND RUNNER UP Alesis SampleRack
3RD RUNNER UP Finhol Cajokick

Electronic & Hybrid Kits

WINNER Roland TD-25KV V-Drums
1ST RUNNER UP Yamaha DTX502 Hybrid Set
2ND RUNNER UP Pearl E-Pro Powered By Export
3RD RUNNER UP Tama Cocktail-Jam Hybrid Set

Sticks & Brushes

WINNER Vic Firth American Classic 5ABarrel Tip
1ST RUNNER UP Vic Firth American Classic5B Barrel Tip
2ND RUNNER UP Vic Firth Split Brush
3RD RUNNER UP Vater Nude Series 3A

Artist Sticks & Brushes

WINNER Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand Slats
1ST RUNNER UP Promark Anton Fig Signature
2ND RUNNER UP Vater Tim Alexander Model
3RD RUNNER UP Promark Will Kennedy Signature


WINNER Remo Powerstroke 3 With Black Dot Bass Drumhead
1ST RUNNER UP Remo Powerstroke 77 Snare Head
2ND RUNNER UP Evans 16" EMAD Bass Batter Head
3RD RUNNER UP Evans 16" G1 Coated Bass Batter Head


WINNER Vic Firth Universal Practice Tips
1ST RUNNER UP Drumlite
2ND RUNNER UP Low Boy Custom Beaters
3RD RUNNER UP Vic Firth Vickey2 High Tension Drum Key


WINNER LP Black Box Cajon
1ST RUNNER UP Meinl Artisan Edition Cajon
2ND RUNNER UP Meinl Woodcraft Cajon Bubinga Burl
3RD RUNNER UP Pearl Mach 3 Cajon

Tambourines & Shakers

WINNER Pearl Primero Rock Tambourine
1ST RUNNER UP Meinl Backbeat Tambourine
2ND RUNNER UP Meinl Cajon Foot Tambourine
3RD RUNNER UP Grover Pro Percussion Studio-Pro Headless Tambourine

Hand Drums & Percussion

WINNER Remo Drum Table – Tunable
1ST RUNNER UP Craviotto Wood Timbales
2ND RUNNER UP Grover Pro Percussion BlocKnock
3RD RUNNER UP Meinl 10" African Style Djembe – Traditional Style Hewn


WINNER Drummer Wanted: A Reference Guide To Prepare Drummers For Real-World Gigs by Daniel Mullowney
1ST RUNNER UP Rhythmic Composition: Featuring The Music Of Porcupine Tree by Gavin Harrison
2ND RUNNER UP Sixty-Second Solos For Snare Drum, Timpani, and Mallet Instruments by Sean J. Kennedy
3RD RUNNER UP Linear Drum Fills: A Method For Developing Musical Linear-Style Drum Fills by Blake Paulson


WINNER Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer Pt. 2 – Foot Technique by Jojo Mayer
1ST RUNNER UP From Ragtime To Rock: An Introduction To 100 Years Of American Popular Music by Daniel Glass
2ND RUNNER UP The Brush Revolution: How To Evolve Your Language To Musicianship by Florian Alexandru-Zorn
3RD RUNNER UP The Gladstone Technique by Morris Arnie Lang


WINNER Dwdrums.com 1ST RUNNER UP Pearldrum.com
2ND RUNNER UP Zildjian.com
3RD RUNNER UP Vicfirth.com

General Drumming Websites

WINNER Drummerworld.com
1ST RUNNER UP Drummersresource.com
2ND RUNNER UP Drumchannel.com
3RD RUNNER UP Onlinedrummer.com

Educational Drumming Websites

WINNER Drumeo.com
1ST RUNNER UP Drumchannel.com
2ND RUNNER UP Vicfirth.com
3RD RUNNER UP Mikeslessons.com

Drum App

WINNER Groove Freedom
3RD RUNNER UP Polynome