Ahead Armor Drum Mat: No Skidding, No Kidding

Ahead Armor Drum Mat

No Skidding, No Kidding

Ahead Armor Drum Mat

I learned my lesson a long time ago (and no, it had nothing to do with Fight Club ... I actually can’t talk about that.)

Wherever I go, no matter whether I’m on my way to a gig or not, I always carry a small industrial carpet with a rubberized bottom surface in the trunk of my car. Why? So that I will never, ever fail to have one with me on those rare occasions when I need to set up my kit on a bare floor. Take it from me – there’s nothing more disconcerting than spending an entire evening chasing your bass drum around the stage.

Ahead Armor Drum Mat

But there’s a problem with my trusty old carpet, which I originally picked up from Home Depot many moons ago. It wants to fold up into a bulky square rather than roll up into a neat bundle. That’s the longwinded way of explaining why I was excited to learn about the new Armor Drum Mat from Ahead.

This lifesaver features a durable, plush, high-quality carpet with a unique, non-skid gel backing for extra grip. So far so good, but the real magic can be found in its reinforced edges and fabric-hinged center that allow it to fold and roll into a compact 32" x 8" x 8" bundle, making set-up, pack-up and transport a snap. Now you’re talking.

The Ahead Armor Drum Mat is offered in two models: 78" x 62" ($141.50 suggested retail price) for standard drum kits and 107" x 62" ($188.50) for large/double-bass sets.

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