Ahead Introduces Lars Ulrich Scary Guy Sticks

ahead sticks

Lars Ulrich isn’t an endorser who jumps from one company to another whenever a contract is waved in his face. He’s stubbornly loyal to the companies that have supported his career, including Ahead – the maker of hybrid drum sticks that marry aluminum and polyurethane for longer durability and reduced vibration shock.

After years of proudly wielding his own signature stick, Ulrich has helped launch the new Lars Ulrich Scary Guy model. No kidding on the name.

A cross between Ahead’s classic 5B and 2B models (16" x .595"/58g and 16" x .595"/64g, respectively) and the popular Lars Ulrich signature stick (16.25" x .595"/65g), the new sticks feature a hand-drawn icon created by Metallica’s legendary drummer and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee. Scary Guys are now available in a choice of two models: the LU-SG Standard with silver logos (16"x.595"/64g) and the LU-SGL Light with red logos (16"x.595"/58g).

Don’t let their $36.49 suggested retail price scare you (even though the Scary Guy illustration probably will). When you factor in their increased lifespan, these sticks will look like a screaming deal.

ahead sticks