Airlogic Bass Drum Pedal Tested!

air logic

Machined from solid aluminum, the footboard itself bears a unique logo shape. Five pointed setscrews are drilled into the pedal from the underside, and face up towards the bottom of the foot. The idea is that this configuration adds traction and minimizes slippage. I understand the reasoning; however, this design did not win me over. Unless I remain continually mindful of the footboard’s sharp points as I pack and unpack my gear, they will (and did) come in contact with the soft exposed fleshy areas of my body, like my hands. Sometimes I play in bare feet, slippers or flip-flops, and I don’t even want to think about that! It is true that with the aid of a simple screwdriver the tiny points can be backed out of danger or removed entirely, but it is far more likely that someone will innocently play my bass drum with unprotected feet. In the likelihood that a handy screwdriver isn’t available, I don’t want to be responsible for making good on someone’s tetanus shots and “pain and suffering” for the rest of my life. “So take out the set-screws and leave them out, dummy!” someone might say to me. Well, okay, but then I’ve lost out on a specific feature of the pedal’s design. Doesn’t that “de-feet” the point, so to speak? My suggestion is to rethink the sure grip feature. Utilize tread, rubber ribbing (or cleats), a textured surface or anything that does not involve resting the tootsies on a bed of nails.

As a complete package, the Airlogic Pedal is unique and well constructed. It has a quirky/stylish look, and comes in a choice of colors: red, blue, black, and green. A color choice is definitely a first, to my knowledge, in bass drum pedals. Playing this pedal is a worthy experience and it operates as smoothly if not smoother than anything on the market. And so it should for its gourmet suggested retail list price tag of $329.

If you have this amount of bread in your budget for a pedal, you definitely should make a plan to dance on the Airlogic unit, which I consider to be the Lexus of bass drum pedals. Hopefully, you can check it out in a situation where you can spend time customizing the setting choices and find out for yourself whether your foot has found it’s soul (sole) mate!


Model: Airlogic bass pedal.
Dimensions: 14" long at the base; 8" tall at the uprights (not including height of the beater).
Weight: Just under five pounds.
Materials: Aircraft aluminum and brass.
Return Mechanism: Pneumatic pump.
Adjustable Settings: Variable three-position cam sprocket, interchangeable belt and chain drives, footboard and beater angles, footboard slip/grip feature, and bass drum clamp.
Beater: Round felt.
Colors: Red, green, black and blue.
Suggested Retail Price: $329.

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