Alan Jones’ Pearl Reference Kit

Alan Jones' Pearl Reference Series

By Radim McCue Published August 25, 2009

Not all the kits shown here are lovingly restored classics. Alan Jones from the UK has this knockout Pearl Reference Series that he bought in 2008. We'll let him describe it in his own words…

"In response to your piece on drums that we own,I decided to write in with some pics of my beloved Pearl Reference kit. I bought the kit new in 2008 as a four piece 22x18,10x8,12x9 and 16x16. I have since added an 8x7 tom and a 14x14 floor tom. The colour is Scarlet Fade.

Pearl's Reference Series combines different woods and shell thicknesses in a single kit.

"I think the mix of wood types(Maple,Mahogany and Birch) that Pearl introduced with the Reference series really works.

"I love floor toms on legs and this kit was exactly what I was looking for at the time. It sounds amazing in any situation,miked or unmiked. I use Remo coated Emperors on all the toms,with a Powerstroke 3 clear on the kick. The snare is a Tama Custom Artwood 14x8 maple drum.

"The hardware is mostly all Pearl and Tama and I use Vater 5B sticks with nylon tips. I use Protection Racket and Hardcase cases.

We like the fact that you can easily grab a sandwich if you get hungry while practicing:)

"I am a big lover of Paiste cymbals. I have a 13.25" Zildjian K hybrid hats and an A Zildjian 12" splash along with a 10" Sabian Paragon splash. All the rest of the cymbals are Paiste including a 22" 2002 heavy ride and various 2002 crashes. I also use an 18" Dark Energy crash on my extreme left. Its gorgeous!!

"I find the kit to be extremely versatile,for example,on some gigs I might only take out the 10" and 14" toms,other gigs I might use the 12"and 16" with bigger cymbals...basically with this kit I'm covered for anything!"

"Regards and keep up the good work,

"Alan Jones"

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