Alan Kenny’s Argyle Blue Ayotte

Alan Kenny's argyle blue Ayotte

By Jordan Liffengren Published April 26, 2010

This set's worth more than a pot of gold for this Ireland native.

Kenny says, "Back when I lived in Ireland, I was fortunate enough to be working in a store that was the distributor for Ayotte in the 90's. I had the opportunity to order a one of a kind kit. It's an Ayotte custom drum kit that was built for me in their factory in Vancouver, Canada. The color is Argyle blue."

Drums: Ayotte, Pearl, Pork Pie, OC Drums & Percussion
  • 8x8 Ayotte rack tom
  • 10x9 Ayotte rack tom
  • 10x9 Ayotte hanging floor tom
  • 13x12 Ayotee floor tom
  • 15x13 Ayotte floor tom
  • 22x18 Ayotte kick
  • 10x6 Pearl snare
  • 12x7 Pearl snare
  • 13x5 Mapex brass snare
  • 13x7 Pork Pie acrylic snare
  • 13x7 Orange County Drums & Percussion snare
  • 6x14 Octoban
  • 6x18 Octoban
Cymbals: Zildjian and Sabian
  • 6" Zildjian custom splash
  • 8" Zildjian splash
  • 12" Zildjian oriental crash
  • 14" Zildjian K custom hi-hats
  • 16" Zildjian crash thin
  • 17" Zildjian K hybrid crash
  • 18" Zildjian crash thin
  • 18" Zildjian china high
  • 19" Zildjian custom projection crash
  • 20" Zildjian ping ride
  • 14" Sabian Fusion Hi Hats
For clips of Alan jamming on his set, you can visit his youtube page here.

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